Pix City are doin well!

2013-08-07 04:53:16 by RasmusiBoy

At this time, Pix City have around 1,5 million plays! That's just crazy.
If you haven't played it yet, make sure to do that! =D

New games...

2010-08-18 10:20:13 by RasmusiBoy

I will soon publish two new games! One draw-ball-game and one jump-to-the-sky-game!
My Island [RPG] have 96.000 plays now and is on 350 sites!


2010-06-29 04:41:31 by RasmusiBoy

Two weeks after publishing my newest game, My Island [RPG], you can find this on 200 diffrent sites and have totaly more than 30.000 plays! This is my first game that I used MochiAds, Leaderboard and the first game that I got over 2000 players! =)

Now im working on a draw-ball game wich you will be able to submit your score on a global highscoretable!